Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Everyday life :)

Today was Pretty productive. Leo woke up super early to go take his first AF Exam and he aced it!! WooHooo

I usually wake up at the same time he does to make him breakfast but unfortunately I didn't even here him get out of bed. As he was leaving He gave me a kiss that woke me up and told me bye. I felt bad that I wasnt awake to make him breakfast this morning so I stayed awake and cleaned up the house as much as I could.

I went to Chuckie Cheese with Jill and the cutest little boys today and had a blast. After that Leo called and wanted to go to the gym so I ran home, got ready, and met him up at the gym.

Now we are at home and my hunny is making us hot wings for dinner and bake potatoes. After dinner Leo has to study and im going back to the gym to play some volleyball with Jill, Brian, and Amber :) Wish my hubby was going too though :(

I LOVE my Husband and our life. He is so good to me and I thank God everyday for the things he has blessed me with. Have a great Wednesday Everyone!!